Ben Inman

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One of Jeanette's great-grandfathers was named Benjamin Inman. When we started this page, sometime in the last millenium, we knew very little about Ben, or where he was born or who his ancestors were, or about his wife, Lucy Ann (Jennings) Inman. But over the years, we stumbled upon a great deal of information on the internet, such as census records, newspaper articles, etc., which filled in many of the blanks in our story of Ben Inman. Helpful researchers, such as Jeanette's cousin, Mike Herder, provided additional clues to the Inmans, their origins and their migrations.

Although we still have questions about some aspects of the Ben Inman story, we no longer refer to it as a "mystery" nor put question marks on its page titles. Additional information is always welcome, though, and if you would like to help us learn more about Ben and Lucy Ann and their family, please send us E-MAIL.

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