A Carey Family Album

There are lots of neat pictures at this site. You won't see them unless your browser has images turned on. This is a site which will always be under construction, as we gather together our families' history. Much of what we know about our families is only available now in our own memories, or on many scraps of paper, photos, and copies of old documents which we've accumulated over the years. It's high time to get it all together so our descendants can make some sense of it. This web site is dedicated to our children and grandchildren, in hopes they'll enjoy reading about their family and will want to pass the stories on to their own descendants.

Since we started assembling this Family Album, we've been in touch with cousins who are scattered all over the U.S.A. and the world. We've never met some of you, but we've enjoyed sharing stories and pictures and have learned a lot about you and about our common ancestors. We hope our Family Album will be a helpful resource for anybody in our "extended family" who is interested in finding out more about our heritage.

Although we call it "A Carey Family Album", this site is about people who have quite a few surnames besides Carey. Somewhere along the way, we became fascinated with the history of the Winans family. My grandfather's middle name was Winans, Jeanette has some Winans cousins, and we've found any number of interesting people with that surname. So we've transcribed information from two Winans genealogy books and included biographies of a number of distinguished Winans cousins in these pages. This information should be helpful to other Winans researchers.

So open up this scrapbook, cousins, and browse through its pages. Follow the links within each page to other related pages and use your BACK button to retrace your steps. If you're looking for somebody in particular, use the Surnames Index on the left to find all the pages where that person is mentioned. The table of contents may help you find a subject of interest. Bookmark this site and come back frequently. There will be something new every few days. If you'd like to contribute any photos or information, or have questions about anything you see, drop us a line!

This album doesn't have any particular beginning or ending, so why not start out your visit by joining the Carey family upon its arrival in Southern California.

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